Alex Abaya

Alex Abaya

Survey Department Coordinator for Construction Staking

Alex Abaya, P.L.S, Construction Staking Manager, currently manages the Construction Staking sector of the Land Surveying Department, the FEMA Elevation Certificate process as well as Story Pole Staking. Mr. Abaya’s current responsibilities include scheduling and monitoring the accuracy of the department’s projects. In addition, he finds great interest in GPS Systems, FEMA compliance and creating effective solutions to unique problems.

Mr. Abaya has built a successful relationship with his clients through exercising strong communication and organizational skills, which are major contributing factors to his success at Lea & Braze Engineering, Inc.

Mr. Abaya is a third generation surveyor that stays very involved in the industry. He is a current member of the Lamda Sigma national Land Surveyors’ Honor Society, and attends regular State and National Land Surveying Conferences in order to stay informed.

On his days not surveying, Mr. Abaya is an avid bicyclist.