Our Mission

Lea & Braze Engineering, Inc. strives to go above and beyond to consistently deliver high quality products and services while providing our clients with an exemplary experience.

We intend to be an innovative Civil Engineering & Land Survey firm with a client centric philosophy from beginning to end.  Our responsibilities are to produce quality designs, establish close client relationships, and go above and beyond for our clients.


Our Difference

At Lea & Braze Engineering, Inc., we are passionate about both our Survey and Civil Design work.  We take pride in the thoroughness and clarity of our plans and the presentation of information, including graphics, because we know from experience they translate into ease and quality of both plan review and construction.

Because we are Civil Designers as well as Surveyors, we typically have more detail than most firms on our topographic surveys.  We’ve found that level of detail leads to a more complete, accurate and cost-effective grading/drainage design.  We make an effort to continually update our database of municipal requirements so the review and turnaround times for plans are minimized.  We’re very aware that the high cost of land in this area makes delays in approval and excessive plan check rounds very costly, and do all we can to proactively avoid those.

We are committed to being part of a successful team involving the various consultants as well as owner and contractor, so communication is clear and results are positive.  Our goal is for all players to feel at the end of the project that the selection of Lea & Braze Engineering, Inc. was clearly the right one.