We are pleased to announce that Alex Abaya has been promoted to a firm partner and principal. Alex joined Lea & Braze Engineering straight out of college. As a construction survey manager at Lea & Braze Engineering for more than 14 years, Alex has completed thousands of residential, commercial and mixed-use projects. Alex has grown his professional life at Lea & Braze Engineering and has been promoted to new Co-Owner/Principal of Lea & Braze Engineering.

Throughout his time at Lea & Braze Engineering, Alex has contributed to the growth of the firm. Alex has provided introduction to Land Survey training seminars for multiple local jurisdiction building department planners and inspectors including City of Palo Alto, City of Menlo Park and City of Mountain View. He is also a mentor to interns and entry level staff. He provides company training for new survey technology, survey equipment, survey methodology, and FEMA flood hazard topics. Alex attends Cal State University Fresno Geomatics conference yearly for ongoing professional development, keeping abreast of new technology, and promoting surveying and civil engineering as a career to college students.

Alex, comes from a family of land surveyors. Both his grandfather and father were land surveyors in the Philippines. Alex constantly strives not only to advance technology in the industry but the growth of the profession.

“As Principal, I look forward to fostering new talent and bringing innovative capabilities to Lea & Braze Engineering,” says Alex Abaya, Principal and Owner.

Next time you see or talk to Alex, say “congratulations” on a well deserved promotion!


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